Understanding the Drivers of Short-form Content

Short-form content is becoming king across social media. It is making its way into all types of media we consume, creating an expectation for how we digest content. Why is it dominating the social media landscape? Let’s take a look. Why Short-form content? Many think short-form content is so popular because of the dwindling attention […]

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Advice for a Placement Year

They say a placement year is a great way to get a head start in your career and gain industry experience but how true it this? Well, incredibly true! The experience you gain is invaluable. As someone who has just completed a placement year between second and third year of university, I have experienced this […]

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The Demise of BeReal

During the summer of 2022, BeReal became the hottest topic in the social media world. Adoption was high and daily usage numbers spiked over 315%. Although its popularity was undeniable, a lack of innovation and development over time has seen usage numbers decline. As the trend continues, it’s becoming more and more clear the demise […]

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Meta Expands Age Targeting Restrictions

Have you heard about Meta’s continued work to age-appropriate their ad experience? New limitations have been put in place for those wanting to target under 18s on Facebook and Instagram. Marketers who seek to reach the teen demographic can now only target based on age and location. This isn’t the first time changes of this […]

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The Rise of AI Powered Creative

With the recent surge in popularity of AI powered creative, there is a lot to unpack. Although the concept has been around for many years now, advanced algorithms and improvements to computer power and storage have seen AI boom. With different types and formats of AI the possibilities appear endless. What are AI Powered Creatives? […]

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Why is TikTok Thriving?

Since its launch in 2016, the popularity of TikTok remains on an upward trajectory. Originally led by early Gen Z adopters, it’s become part of the daily media loop we’re all familiar with. With word of pullbacks from Twitter, Meta, and other media giants, why is TikTok thriving? The downfall of other platforms have seen […]

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