Why is TikTok Thriving?

Since its launch in 2016, the popularity of TikTok remains on an upward trajectory. Originally led by early Gen Z adopters, it’s become part of the daily media loop we’re all familiar with. With word of pullbacks from Twitter, Meta, and other media giants, why is TikTok thriving? The downfall of other platforms have seen […]

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Psychometric Testing: How can it Benefit Organisations?

Psychometric Testing: How can it Benefit Organizations?

How do you build a team? You’re likely used to evaluating candidates based on professional merits detailed on an application. These hard skills are the easiest to quantify, but soft skills are far more nuanced. How does one determine a candidate’s team compatibility within a team without witnessing their interactions firsthand? Enter Psychometric Testing. What […]

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Is the Handshake Back?

Is the Handshake Back?

Two plus years through the pandemic and it’s safe to say social interactions have shifted. Elbow taps became the default physical greetings, awkward waves dominated zoom calls, and don’t even mention longing hugs. Two meters apart never felt so close. But as safety precautions drop and the world opens up it’s time to re-evaluate our […]

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