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01 Introduction

We deliver cutting edge marketing solutions through robust data analysis, industry knowledge, and the passion of our staff…


Adgen is an agency driven by creative and energetic individuals with the goal of turning raw data into real world campaigns.

Challenge our industry experts to bring your vision to life.


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02 Proud To Do Things Differently


We are marketing enthusiasts, who provide results-driven 360° marketing campaigns for education and commercial institutions.

We’re proud of doing things differently – challenging your brief, using behavioural science and data nuggets to deliver marketing campaigns that resonate.

We do what we say, we get on with it and we deliver. We are proud to lead the path to extraordinary.

03 Where We Help



We are armed with a team of digital marketers, campaign delivery specialists, strategists and industry experts to help fortify big ideas into bigger actions.

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04 Our Mission

Our approach is guided by three principles: we believe in openness and collaboration; we harness the power of creativity; and we think long term.