Is AI Taking the Social Out of Social Media?

AI Social Media

AI exploded onto the scene the last year, perforating every digital platform from search engines to cooking apps. We can write with AI, design with AI, analyse with AI and even converse with it. The technology is absolutely everywhere, but with great power, comes pretty odd consequences. Take social media. From Meta and Snapchat, YouTube […]

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The Rift Between TikTok and Universal Music Group

TikTok vs Universal Music Group

New beef between two marketing giants has rendered thousands of trending videos silent. After a breakdown in talks between TikTok and Universal Music Group, the music juggernaut pulled its entire catalogue from the platform. As a result, videos featuring the works of Adele, Harry Styles, SZA and more remain available on mute. It’s an odd […]

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TikTok’s Push for Long-form Content

TikTok is placing big bets on long-form content. The platform has thrived on short clips since its launch in 2016, however newly announced changes to its creator programme reveal a major shift in strategy. On December 16th, TikTok phased out the original Creator Fund initiative, replacing it with the new launched  “Creativity Program.” Despite its […]

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The Implications of Ad-Free Social Media Subscriptions

Social Media Usage

Free access has been a hallmark of social media platforms since their inception. From Myspace to the early days of Facebook and Twitter, these platforms amassed huge growth because of low bars of entry. One just requires a functioning email address to create personalised accounts. However with recent announcements of ad-free tier subscriptions from X, […]

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How Social Media Use Has Changed Over Time

Social Media Use

As shocking as it may sound, social media is no longer new. The last 20 plus years have delivered an entire industry that fundamentally changed how we connect and interact with one another. We often hear about which platform is outperforming for each audience. We’re told how their usage ebbs and flows depending on the […]

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The Demise of BeReal


During the summer of 2022, BeReal became the hottest topic in the social media world. Adoption was high and daily usage numbers spiked over 315%. Although its popularity was undeniable, a lack of innovation and development over time has seen usage numbers decline. As the trend continues, it’s becoming more and more clear the demise […]

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Why is TikTok Thriving?

Since its launch in 2016, the popularity of TikTok remains on an upward trajectory. Originally led by early Gen Z adopters, it’s become part of the daily media loop we’re all familiar with. With word of pullbacks from Twitter, Meta, and other media giants, why is TikTok thriving? The downfall of other platforms have seen […]

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