Welcome to Adgenuine

Hello reader and welcome to Adgenuine – The Honest Truth, the newest blog from the newly rebranded Adgen team. If you didn’t catch that, it’s new and we’re so proud to share it with you today. 

The Adgen Office

This blog is a passion project, harnessing the best content from our team of sophisticated, tuned-in, and highly relatable media gurus. 

As the name suggests, our goal is to tell it like it is, aligning with our refreshed brand pillars. We want to help simplify the complex landscape that is digital marketing, all while providing a personal take that arms you for the battles ahead. We’re discussing these topics amongst our team and with clients every single day, so why not bring you into the fold? Frankly we have too many thoughts and feelings not to share.

Adgenuine is a mix of information, updates, and hopefully some light entertainment along the way. We’ll be sharing pieces for all skill levels; how-to guides, campaign tactical advice, insights from the higher education and retail sectors, and thought pieces on the latest marketing trends.

Things we would want to know ourselves when starting out a business or simply looking to up our game. Whether the road ahead brings changes in tech, ad targeting, or simply quirky human behaviour we want to chat about it.

We’ve got some great ideas in store, but this is more than a business blog. It’s an ongoing conversation and we want to hear from you as it grows. What excites you? What trends are you interested to learn more about and the most important question of all, how can we help? 

We’re so excited to have you along from the start of this journey. Buckle in. It’s going to be a great ride.

See you with more content soon!

The Adgen Team