University College London


University College London has a Global Faculty of the Built Environment, The Bartlett, which aims to be at the forefront of the global debate on the climate crisis. Their ongoing mission is to empower the public to understand climate issues, communicate the importance of them, and support policy makers to achieve climate targets. University College London entrusted Adgen to promote their critical thought leadership and climate education initiatives for an 8 month campaign running from May to November 2021. The intent was to build up to the COP26 climate summit held November 2021 in Glasgow.

The goals of the campaign were twofold. Firstly, establish University College London as a thought leader and prominent voice in debates around the climate crises and sustainability. Secondly, to increase overall engagements and subscriptions to the campaign mailing list.

University College London


The ‘Together for Climate Action’ Campaign contained a variety of thought provoking content targeting students, professionals, researchers, academics, and members of the general public concerned about climate change, sustainability, and net zero issues.

Our campaign went global, with strong coverage in South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), and North America tied to population size, as well as representation in The UK, Latin America and the rest of Europe.​

We also leveraged a variety of formats across LinkedIn, including sponsored posts and messages. This involved collaboration with media partners such as the Guardian, Open Access Government, and more.


The content strongly resonated with the target audiences, providing results that both met and exceeded industry benchmarks.

Contextually relevant placements on the Guardian smashed projected results, achieving 3x the expected impressions in just three days time. This while exceeding typical click-through rates by 40%.

Our sponsored messages on social channels also yielded exceptionally strong results. Surpassing the estimated open rate by over 30% and more than tripled established click-through rate goals.

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