Real-time Evaluation Visualisation System

We aim to ensure that all our client campaigns are achieving the outcomes and the results required. At the heart of this is the ability to provide in-depth reporting and campaign analysis.

To do this we have built Adgen REVS (Real-time Evaluation Visualisation System) a bespoke reporting tool, which collects data from both digital and offline media and evaluates the results.

REVS allows access to real-time statistics and uses the latest click tagging and ad serving technology to track the user journey from initial click to goal conversion.

This allows us to track customer interactions with specific inventory, monitor how your campaign is performing and make adjustments to optimise performance throughout a live campaign.

This live data can be layered with your own planning data and any other information you wish to compare and analyse all in the same system.

Post campaign our internal technical team will design custom dashboards to display relevant data and provide insights that will give you a full picture of your campaign activities.