WBS Foundation Student

A few weeks in the life of our marketing intern, Mante Owusu.


In May 2019, Adgen supported Warwick Business School (WBS) by providing a work placement for a three-week period to one of their foundation year student, Mante Owusu. We provided Mante with a structured placement within the new business division of Adgen, where she was able to work on new briefs, attend networking events and work on proposals for new clients (which sometimes even included media negotiation). At the end of the 3 week placement, we asked Mante to take us through her time at Adgen….


2019 has been an interesting year so far, for many reasons but mostly because this year was the beginning of my University journey. Before University I was working a 9-5 job that I really enjoyed, with people who in 4 years I had seen get married, have children and spent most of my time with. Leaving my old job, honestly felt the same as leaving home; it was the end of an era and I was stepping into the unknown.

I would have to go through that awkward ‘getting to know people’ stage again, where the small talk and uncomfortable smiles were inevitable. I would also be living alone, something that I was actually quite looking forward to. Well, that was before I arrived at my accommodation, which was and continues to be disappointing. Anyway, during my first year at University I have had some really good experiences, met some great people and learned a ton about myself and my degree.

The experience I would like to focus on is my time in my 3-week placement at Adgen. Adgen is a media buying and planning agency that specialises in education. When I first arrived, I was met with loads of smiling faces, which instantly put me at ease. The atmosphere in the office was vibrant, busy and cheerful. For the first few days, I got to do a bit of research focusing on the social media platforms for local marketing agencies. This was to work towards improving Adgen’s own social media and make it a more efficient marketing tool. I got on with this and found out some interesting information and got a perception of how different companies within one industry, brand themselves. I also got to have a look at a tender and sit in on some meetings and conference calls.

While I didn’t understand most of what was going on, it was a really good insight into how business is done. I was also very surprised to hear that University’s and other educational institutions used marketing agencies at all. I had always assumed that because Universities are the place to get degrees and degrees are a necessity for many professions, universities will always have a never-ending flow of students every year. I had never considered that Universities operate like businesses in the sense that they have a market and a demographic that they want to reach. In this context students were potential customers, universities were the ‘brands’ and Adgen was the bridge that brought the customers to their client.

Aside from this, I got the opportunity to sit in some media meetings, where different companies were essentially selling their marketing tools to Adgen to then pass on to their clients. This was by far my favourite part of the placement as I got to learn a lot and see some really interesting presentations. The one that stood out the most was from a company that specialized in different kinds of mobile marketing. It was so fascinating to see the things my phone knew about me; where I’ve been, live, what I like and a wealth of other information. It was useful to finally see and understand why it felt like my phone was listening to me because adverts on social media and online often matched the items I liked, or I was looking for.

It has been great getting a peek into the world of media, marketing, and business. Adgen is a great company with people who seem to genuinely care about what they do and delivering the best possible service to their clients. They do this in a transparent, innovative and practical way. I have been pleasantly surprised being here and everyone genuinely made me feel at ease. I will miss hearing the buzz of conversations about Game of Thrones, football, and jokes from Tom, as the day goes by.

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